• How to naturally improve
    cows' reproduction ?

    METRABOLⓇ supports uterine involution during postpartum period.

  • Farms economic efficiency starts with a good control of reproduction steps.

    However, from a physiological point of view, reproduction is an annex need. Monitoring of each step of the cycle is important to control production costs.


    In front of methods using hormones or antibiotics, some alternative solutions exist, which support animals from calving to cyclicity.

  • METRABOL is the alternative and natural solution to support uterine involution during the postpartum period.

    METRABOL participates in the management of uterine risks after calving.

    • 8 cows out of 10 able to reproduce 30 days after calving,
    • + 16 pts of heat detection rate,
    • + 11 pts of 1st insemination success.

    This bolus has to be given in the hours following calving, it is disseminated in the rumen and acts during approximately 21 days. As a good farming practice, METRABOL contributes to the best process of uterine involution and a faster return to cyclicity, before 30 days.

  • METRABOL : tested and validated.

    Trials showed that METRABOL distribution improved animal reproduction results compared to control group.


    Demonstrations done by French insemination centers on 600 dairy cows, between 2009 and 2019.


    • +16 points of heat detection rate

    • +11 points of 1st insemination success


  • They trust us.

    "In our barn every cow gets a Metrabol after calving. They do start better their lactation, have greater intake but most importantly very successful uterine involution. Therefore, cows show natural heats, earlier and 1st insemination success is significantly higher."


    "What we like with Metrabol is :

    • Significantly less use of antibiotics after calving,
    • No need to withdraw milk from the bulk tank ,
    • Less use of hormones to make cows pregnant again."

    Sarah EIFFERT - Sinntal - GERMANY

    User of METRABOL systematically at calving for 7 years, Mr Jean-Paul GILBERT says :


    "Giving METRABOL at each cow calving secures uterine involution process and better cyclicity"

    Results : Out of 120 cows scanned in March 2020, only 4 were not pregnant (96,7% of gestating cows).


    Jean-Paul & Annick GILBERT and their son Sylvain



  • 1€ invested = 5€ won


    No residues, no toxicity, no habituation,
    no withdrawal period.


    Don’t wait to use prevention !

  • NATUAL® supports farmers with the evolution of practices towards sustainability, reducing chemicals and medicines. The company contributes to secure animals' health and welfare, animals' performance and economic results. This, without withdrawal period, residues or habituation : "Nature, performance & respect".

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